My works are meditations on the enduring power of mythology and the depth of our connection to the environments, forces, and creatures of the natural world. They reflect my constant desire for communion with nature in the Digital Age.

As an Artist, I am interested in:

-Operating within the tradition of using animals as totemic vehicles for communicating human issues.

-Exploring my optimism and anxiety over the shifting boundaries between natural and artificial, living and dead, bio-powered and bio-engineered.

-Authoring a new set of animal based-fables that reflect the blurring of these boundaries and re-negotiates the character roles these animals play in our mythological culture.

My Process in making work is:

-Collecting and combining seemingly unrelated elements to create surprising visual compositions.

-Flattening and iconizing these compositions to suggest narrative stanzas or mythological symbolism.

-Executing depictions of creature characters in the tradition of naturalism, but within compositions that reflect the teachings of modernism.

-Bringing the drawing process out of the studio and into nature, by superimposing cosmic and digital iconography onto natural landscapes

-focusing on the micro and macro textures and patterns of environments, from lines in fur to the woven tapestry of highways.

These works are created in the tradition of mythological fantasy, as reimagined myths for what I see as a new era that remains to be classified or imagined. They reflect my belief that mythological relationships must constantly be renegotiated to facilitate each new cultural relationship to our natural reality.